A Month in Review-June 2022

Guys. We're halfway through the year. HOW?!?! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating New Year's Day and I was starting this blog 😮. Time has flown by.  Reading For some reason, the books I read this month dealt with heavier topics (suicide, feminism, depression...) but man, they were super good and so thought-provoking. <3 ~ Coral by Sara Ella  ~ Preacher on the Run by Jayna Bass ~ To Best the Boys by Mary Weber ~ Short Story Collection Vol.1 by R.M. Archer Writing This 100-for-100 challenge...y'all. IT HAS HELPED ME SO MUCH. I've made so much progress on my story and I'm quite excited about it!  ~Ydubs. Ydubs. Ydubs. XDDD ~As of today, I have written 5,056 words in my WIP for the 100-for-100! It's not a lot and I wanted to be farther along, but at least it's something!!  ~I just feel really good about this WIP right now and so y'all might be seeing a few snippets soon... 😉. Life This summer break has felt different from past ones. It'

Feathers and Roses: All Things Fairy Tale Dual Cover Reveals

(or good afternoon/good evening depending when you're reading this 😜) Y'all probably didn't expect me to pop into your inbox this morning with a whole new post this soon.  I didn't either. *coughs*  A few weeks ago, lil naive Emma, who has committed to a million things this summer, saw that sign ups for the  Feathers and Roses: All Things Fairy Tale Dual Cover Reveal opened up. Emma, fully wanting to support and promote these amazing gals' books, immediately signed up. On Monday Emma received an email with all of the necessary things for the cover reveal along with the date that we were supposed to promote it: June 24. As in today. Emma had forgotten that she had signed up for this. 😶 Thus, even though Emma has succeeded in putting WAY too much on her plate and has a gazillion other things that need to get done, she quickly managed to get together a post (At least most of this post was just copying and pasting stuff...😆). So that's why y'all get this

Book Spotlight & Review: With Fear and Trembling

For those of you who know Grace A. Johnson, you probably know that she published her very first devotional back in April! Welp, I told her that I would promote it by doing a book spotlight around the time it was released.  Did I? Ehehe...I did not. SORRY GRACE!!! *facepalm*  Life happened and I was still reading the ARC she kindly gave me before it was released. I know that's no excuse to not have done it around that time but at least I'm keeping my promise to her and I'm promoting it today!! So I'll be doing a book spotlight on it and a review all in one post. ~~~~~~~~~~   (Can we all just pause for a moment and admire that cover? IT'S SO PRETTY!!!!)  Blurb Thirty daily devotions to inspire you to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling!   "Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” - Philippians 2:12 As Paul commanded the ch

A Month in Review-May 2022

May is always busy for my family. And this year was no exception. From finishing the school year(!) to volunteering at different events, May flew by but was filled with many sweet memories. <3 ~~~~~~~~~~   Reading  Reading slowed down a bit this month from April, but one big thing that happened was that I finished the a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  Refuge series by Kristina Hall (that last book...*clutches heart* it was a spectacular conclusion to the series)! ~ Shadow by Kara Swanson ~ Place of Refuge by Kristina Hall ~ The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition ( Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There)  Remember when I co-hosted March Muchness and how I kept saying that I wanted to read Alice in Wonderland again? Well, it took two months but I finally did!! It was such a refreshing, funny read! I forgot how quirky and crazy Alice's adventures are, and a few quotes just cracked me up. Here's an example:         - Background info: Alice is talkin

100-for-100 Writing Challenge

Greetings and salutations, everyone! Summer is almost upon us, school is finished, and IT'S TIME TO START WRITING!!! As you might have noticed, I have not done a good job keeping a strong writing schedule in March and April. I've done a little better this month, but I still want to do more over summer break.  ~~~~~~~~~~ One way that I'm going to try to write more during these summer months is by participating in the 100-for-100 Writing Challenge!!!  *cue crickets chirping*  Most of y'all reading this are probably thinking right now:   Welp, dear reader, the 100-for-100 Writing Challenge is very simple: For 100 days participants try to write 100 words in whatever work-in-progress they choose.  100 words for 100 days.  It might sound somewhat daunting but as Stephanie Morrill (one of the hosts of this challenge) put it: "100 words is about a paragraph." One paragraph. Easy peasy, am I right? Totally ignoring the fact that right now I can't even get one sente

Realm Makers Readers' Choice Award!

Most of y'all who probably read this little blog are readers. And readers like to promote their favorite books, right? *grins* Whelp, I've got some fun news for you if you would like to help a favorite author of mine!  ~~~~~~~~~~ Allison Tebo's book, The Goblin and the Dancer is one of the semi-finalists for the Realm Makers Reader's Choice Award!  The Realm Makers Readers' Choice Award is a contest run by Realm Makers (if you want to check out more about Realm Makers, than here's the  website  to do so). This award is a great way to support authors who have been published speculative fiction books in the last year, and its also a great way to find new books!! 😉 So, if you would like to support Allison Tebo's retelling of  The Steadfast Tin Soldier   and find more books to add to your TBR  then you can go  here  to vote!  ~~~~~~~~~~ Did you vote? *hands you chocolate if you did*  Ever heard of Realm Makers? 

A Month in Review-April 2022

*plops down in a comfy chair* *totally ignores the fact that this post is four days late*  Hey y'all. As you can probably tell, life has taken over and I've...been busy. XD BUT I'm still here for my April wrap-up (instead of skipping it, which I totally did not think about doing XP) and I'm quite excited to see what May has in store!! So. I can describe April in three words: fun, busy, and...hmm maybe preparing? That last word is different, but I think it fits this month because I was planning and preparing for some new things and changes that are happening in the next month(s).  ~~~~~~~~~~ Reading  Even though I'm still not reading as much as I wanted to so far this year, I made better progress this month than in March! ~ Refuge from the Storm by Kristina Hall ~ To Disguise the Truth by Jen Turano ~ Dust by Kara Swanson ~ Seaglass by Kara Swanson  ~ The Toymaker's Doll by E.G Bella (This was a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. allegorical short story. If you sign up to Bella&